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Dr. Liz Winders

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Hello, I’m Dr. Liz Winders, and I’m here to guide you. I’m a retired Clinical Psychologist of 15 years. I specialize in trauma, with special experience in working with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD, and a host of other personal pains.

I’ve found that my work is different from other Energy Healers due to my clinical background and extensive training. As a result, I am constantly evolving and growing my practice and the specialist work I do for my clients.

My approach is unique in that I can effortlessly blend each of these beautiful modalities into my healing technique, which I tailor carefully for each individual's needs.

If you’re ready to experience deep healing in a way that can change your life, schedule a consultation with me today!


- Emotion & Body Code
- Energy & Medical Intuitive
- Level I & II Shamanic Reiki
- Angelic Healing
- Ho’oponopono (ancient Hawaiian practice)

$60-$120 / Session

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111 Salem Towne Ct, Apex, NC 27502

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