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It's Nice To Meet You

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi there,

My name is Caroline, but you'll come to know me as "CMG".

I am the founder and editor of Holistic Culture, and it is very nice to meet you.

Holistic Culture initially began as a mental collection of articles, healing modalities, books, podcasts, and all things related to holistic and functional medicine, neurodiversity, and more. I wrote the names of innovative practitioners whose work caught my attention in the Notes app on my phone. I scribbled one or two word summaries of non-invasive and natural approaches to healing from trauma and chronic pain in my notebooks on the fly. I explored (and still am exploring) everything from the structure and communication patterns of a cell to the climate of the epidermis layer of the skin. I started making new connections with practitioners in my areas of interest and thrifting for books that focused on holistic and natural healing, neurodivergence, creativity, and diversity, all of which you'll find are main topics of interest on this site.

When I realized I was spending all of my free time doing deep dives into slightly ambiguous and usually under-studied health revelations (often on cellular healing and functional medicine), it occured to me that I could design a way to keep it all in one place! I could create a space for all of this information to exist and, most of all, I could share it with others. Those fascinating and miscellaneous bits of information I'd foraged for could become more accessible to those who might not know where to start, and so I began.

The holistic and natural communities can be notoriously reliant on word-of-mouth information, but not everyone has the privilege of knowing who to talk to or how to get involved. So here we are. All in one place.

I built these walls to frame a portrait of healing from these nuanced and fascinating perspectives while keeping in mind that we are all wonderfully unique individuals. This space, however, is not only meant for sharing the latest findings on natural medicines and the like. It is a space for community. It is a space for us to feel safe, welcome, curious, nurtured, supported, and cared for. It is a space to share thoughts, resources, and knowledge with respect to the learning process. It is a space for lifelong learners.

Here, I will share my findings and research with you with the intention to inform, grow, and nurture this Holistic Culture.

All the best to you and yours.


CMG, Founder of Holistic Culture


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