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Lyme Disease, Treatment, and Remission

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

In this article we'll look at the microscopic infection known as Lyme disease, as well as two frequency-based treatment options aimed at reducing symptoms. I'll also share with you my personal experience with each device. (trigger warning: this article contains detailed explanation and information on parasitic infections).



While there is currently no "cure" for Lyme disease, there are various holistic and non-invasive options for treating the symptoms while attacking the spirochetes (parasites) that cause them.

How do you get Lyme disease?

When we think of Lyme disease, we often think of ticks and tick bites, but Lyme can be transmitted through mosquitos and fleas too. Any bug that bites an animal infected with Lyme has the potential to pass it on. The infections are not limited to Lyme disease either. A bite from any of these insects can also lead to other parasitic infections. To put it plain and simple: bugs have dirty mouths.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection you get from the bite of an infected tick. At first, Lyme disease usually causes symptoms such as a rash, fever, headache, and fatigue. But if it is not treated early, the infection can spread to your joints, heart, and nervous system.

Lyme borreliosis (borrelia) is the most common form of Lyme disease contracted in the Northern Hemisphere (Rupprecht, T. A., Koedel, U., Fingerle, V., & Pfister, H. W. 2008). It starts in the gut of the insect host and battles its way through the immune system up to the salivary glands. Upon biting a human, the borrelia must make it past the immune system once again to reach the tissues and bloodstream.

Most of the time, complement (a part of the immune system that defends against pathogens) and antibodies come to the rescue and attack the borrelia, or spirochetes. Knowing the threats they'll face on their journey, the Borrelia have fascinating and hauntingly impressive ways of evading our first lines of defense.

For example, Borrelia can downregulate their surface proteins to become unrecognizable to the immune system. Once they've accomplished this, they can hide within specific layers of tissues and organs (an area called the extracellular matrix), use complement-neutralizing proteins, or induce the formation of immune complexes by secreting soluble antigens to be protected from recognition and subsequent killing (Rupprecht, T. A., Koedel, U., Fingerle, V., & Pfister, H. W. (2008). Wow!

Unfortunately, once the spirochetes have infiltrated the system (and gotten away with it using the techniques listed above) they can utilize the bloodstream and peripheral nerves as efficient channels leading into the Central Nervous System (CNS). This can lead to an inflammatory response. A myriad of cognitive symptoms can follow, ranging from headaches and brain fog to fatigue and forgetfulness.



Blood tests for Lyme disease at a general practitioner's office offer a 50/50 chance of producing a false negative or a false positive. Most commonly used tests like the CDC recommended "two-tier test" and the "Western Blot" test do not detect the pathogen itself, but instead test for the antibodies created by the immune system. This method often misses the mark, most notably because it can take several weeks for the infection to create a detectable immune system reaction. Other, more alternative Lyme disease tests also risk skewed results due to the spirochete's ability to hide, undetected, in the tissues and organs of its host, often becoming most active outside of their hiding spots at night (when no one is testing for Lyme).


Alternative Treatment Options - Finding Hope

Frequency Healing

Frequency healing devices are non-invasive modalities that utilize various and precise frequencies to address cellular-level imbalances.

Our bodies are electrical. Each cell, tissue, and pathogen resonates at a specific frequency. A healthy cell has a voltage of -20 to -25 millivolts. When the cell's "charge" drops below -15 millivolts or less, we start to get sick.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is often used to "recharge" cells by bathing them in pure, restorative frequencies that aid in rebalancing the cell's natural abilities to heal and generate energy. When addressing pathogens, parasites, and other imbalances, the frequency healing device does the opposite of what it does to recharge our general cells. Instead of recharging them, the device resonates at a specific frequency that will weaken and possibly destroy the unwanted visitor. Some frequencies are said to cause pathogens to literally explode, similar to when a specific frequency is applied to a wine glass, causing it to shatter.

Depending on the individual, treatment with this device can take up to several months, but the side effects are often minimal. Once the unwanted visitors are killed or weakened, they are dumped into the body's Lymphatic System (the sewage system of the body, if you will), where they join the rest of the toxins and harmful biological debris on a path out of the system (usually through the skin, urine, or stool). This can lead to a common symptom known as the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, or "herxing" for short. While frequency healing systems like the AmpCoil now run their programs with a "herx-help" feature built in, it is still likely that you will feel the "die-off" of the spirochetes leaving your body when these devices are applied to Lyme. This can often manifest in symptoms like headaches, body aches, or stomach aches, and can be curbed by drinking plenty of water and stimulating the Lymphatic System with short walks, a vibrational pad (often at doctor's office), or dry brushing.

Frequency Healing Devices

Information on frequency healing devices can be difficult to find without some thorough research and word of mouth information. I'm going to do my best to tell you everything I know thus far about the alternative treatment options. Below, we'll explore two options for frequency healing: The Amp Coil and the Rife Machine.

  1. Amp Coil

The Amp Coil is a unique frequency healing device that utilizes your own personal magnetic field to deliver gentle frequency waves to the body. It offers the option of a voice analysis or "voice print" to assess and detect the most imbalanced frequencies in your system at the time of analysis. This biofeedback extension to the Amp Coil device itself is very valuable when it comes to understanding what's happening in your body on a cellular level and knowing exactly what to address (I should mention here that Amp Coil is very specific about not using the device as a diagnostic tool, but as a device for mainting health and raising your frequency). Based off of your voice print results, the Better Guide app program that comes with the coil itself will suggest treatment regimens or "Journeys" catered to your specific needs or "top hits". Once a journey is selected and has begun, the coil will resonate gentle frequencies intracellularly while utilizing your own magnetic field to eliminate the pathogens. This device is somewhat pricey though, selling for around $8,000 brand new (though it doesn't hurt to check eBay for used ones), and it might be best to call the company and ask for a list of Amp Coil Ambassadors in your area, which will most likely be a functional medicine practitioner who can properly introduce you to the Amp Coil and assist with your protocol.

As with most frequencies, you won't feel or hear the resonating frequencies of the Amp Coil as it kills off bacteria and pathogens, restores cellular balance, and raises your overall frequency to replenish your body's natural ability to heal.

2. The Rife Machine

The Rife Machine is another frequency healing device. Created by American scientist Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930's. This machine offers low frequency electrical impulses to destroy unwanted pathogens and imbalances in the body. The Rife Machine, however, does not utilize your own magnetic field or offer a voice analysis and comes with some historical controversy. Due to its more powerful levels of frequency, it's best to try this device with a trained professional. If not used in just the right way, the detox symptoms can be extreme.

In order to read your top biological imbalances, the Rife Machine offers an accessory that reads the sound waves it emits into your body through the skin. To do this, the machine wil emit frequencies and register if your body responds to them or not, which will determine where the imbalances are.

While I wanted to offer this information to you as an option, I would personally not recommend the Rife Machine if the Amp Coil is an available option to you. Not only is the Amp Coil easier to use with its technological cohesion and accessability, but it can be a better option for those who are sensitive to strong frequencies of any kind. Only you and your practitioner will know what the right option for you will be. From my experience, the Amp Coil has offered the best results for my specific situation with the least amount of detoxing symptoms.

Additional Alternatives


While I personally have not tried acupuncture for Lyme symptom relief, I've heard wonderful stories of the incredible healing opportunities that exist within the practice of Acupuncture. Utilizing a combination of Chinese herbs with acupuncture is also a noted approach to treating the illness with this modality.

In Chinese medicine, Lyme disease is looked at as a blood deficiency. Chinese herbs and acupuncture can help combat the symptoms and bring your body back to balance. Joint pain is also common when dealing with Lyme disease and acupuncture has specific points that can help with inflammation, relieving some pain for clients that may be suffering (Earley Wellness Group. (n.d.).


Just like the ebstein bar virus (EBV) or cancer, once the symptoms of Lyme are treated and have subsided, it is likely that a part of the infection will remain chronically present in your body. From my personal journey, I've learned that the best ways to stay in remission are to maintain a healthy lifestyle: get a healthy amount of sleep, eat nourishing foods, keep stress levels low, maintain a level of gentle exercise that is accessible to you and feels good, do things that make you smile, and surround yourself with people who add value to your life and teach you new, valuable things.



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