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Spring Is Sprouting

Welcoming spring with sunshine and greenery

The seeds we planted weeks ago are getting so tall. We've watched them sprout from the soil, shedding their shells, some of them getting turned up and sifted through by squirrels, others thriving toward the sun. On the other side of their journey, blossoms that will supplement the bees and butterflies await. I am patient. I applaud their progress as they enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. What beautiful music they hear all day long - the music of the birds.

These are our plants. There are other, fully grown plants that you can't see in the video, but they are there. My partner and I picked them out a few weekends ago under a strikingly blue sky on a sunny day. As spring sprang forth I felt myself craving the presence of green life. We walked through the isles of ferns, spring flowers, and carousels of unplanted seed packets. I pointed everything out with joy - the colors, the character of each plant, the leaves, the state of health each seemed to be in. We spent $25 and left with an armful of seed packets and small plants. When we got home we planted them together on our back patio. I water them everyday now. I check in on them. I talk to them. My mother suggested I play Yo-Yo Ma to them. I watch them digest the sun and pull them indoors when it’s too cold.


Illustrated Plant
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