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Pride Month As The Catalyst - 5 Queer, Female, & BIPOC Entrepreneurs You Should Know About All Year!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

May Pride Month this June be the rainbow catalyst that opens new doors to the queer, female, and BIPOC-owned businesses and accounts we can all support year-round!


1. Black Girl in Om, a podcast created by Lauren Ash

Modality: Podcast

Pressing play on this podcast will induce a smooth transition from the digital disembodiment of everyday life into a warm, collective welcome from Black Girl in Om founder and podcast host, Lauren Ash.

I want you to close your eyes” she begins. “..and picture a sisterhood that’s filled with thousands of journeyers just like you. Lifting one another up - spiritual leaders, thought teachers, wellness practitioners, pouring into you their insights.

Black Girl in Om "exists to hold and catalyze healing within black women around the world in their unique journeys towards wholeness. Supports the necessary transformation, spiritual awakening, consciousness, and intergenerational healing occurring within the diaspora." - Lauren Ash

Where to find Black Girl in Om:

2. Colleen Werner, LPC-MHSP (and Queer Therapist in Training!)

Modality: Instagram

Based in Nashville, TN, Colleen's Instagram account @colleenmwerne is one of our favorites to follow for inspirational wisdom, relatable insights, and reflections on lived experiences regarding body positivity, queerness, food, and overall mental health.

3. Black-Owned Independent Bookstores Across America

Modality: Business

Thanks to Oprah Daily and their 127 Black-Owned Bookstores in America That Amplify the Best in Literature article, we're able to share this resource with you here! Get ready for an engaging read highlighting over 100 black-owned bookstores across the states including all genders and identities with the same flare for books and genuine connections.

4. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Queer & Disabled Content Creator and Activist (jessicaoutofthecloset)

Modality: Instagram & YouTube

We've been big fans of Jessica and her content for years! We highly recommend her YouTube videos and Instagram account for some British wit that's incredibly informative, inclusive, and inspiring (not to mention relatable!). Give her accounts a follow and subscribe to learn more about Jessica's experiences with chronic illness and parenthood, accessibility, history in film, home renovations, travel, and even the occasional bake-off with her charming wife, Claudia! This content is refreshingly authentic, real, and fun! Watching her stories makes us feel seen in many ways, and she shares clips of her two quarky pups, Walter and Tilly!

5. Lauren Melissa Ellzey, Autistic Self-Advocate and Speaker (@autienelle) Instagram

Modality: Instagram

We've seen Lauren speak at several neurodivergent-focused webinars and have consistently feel directly spoken to through her presence, insights, and transparency as an autistic self-advocate and influencer. We recommend following @autienelle whether you identify as neurodivergent or not! There's much to be learned, listened to, and shared on Lauren's account. Her content is relatable and informative, and definitely in our top favorite accounts to follow!

Follow us on Instagram @hiholisticculture to share any recommendations of your own!


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